Our clients are smart people. They know what it is they want to achieve, what they have to do, what can often get in their way is the not doing of what they know.

The knowing-doing gap is not a new idea like all the best ones and has been much talked and written about. And still in our work, we see people struggling to move into action despite their own best intentions.

We work in that space between knowing and doing. What is it that stops us doing what we know and how do we get better at translating our knowledge into action?

Most of us live at least some of our day in the tyranny of doing. The sheer volume of our to do lists at work, at home, the constant chatter of task drowns out the conversation we could be having, which is the part of our internal voice that reminds us to pay attention – to notice what it is we’re thinking feeling or behaving moment by moment. So we sleepwalk through big chunks of time, and then remember, often too late, what it is we wanted to get better at or work on.

Mindfulness practice has emerged as an important weapon to help people combat the onslaught of delivery. As well as the ability to be more present and create space in our own heads, it’s also possible to work on our curiosity muscle, to live the examined life. IDology’s philosophy enables us to commit to the hardest path we’ll ever walk, the path towards understanding who we are and who we’re becoming.

Our ability to piece ourselves together, to work out what makes us work; be happy, sad, feel alive, lose the will to live…These questions are not just about our life at work but our life’s work.

Making the commitment to build our understanding of self and to make it an everyday practice, helps us to pay more attention, notice who we are being and ultimately this gives us more choices. If we can stop ourselves in our tracks the next time we are about to launch into a tough conversation, or motivate someone to do something, then we have a much better chance of translating knowledge into action.

We can’t be authentic without committing to self-awareness and we do that by observing ourselves in action, being awake and making the decision to pay more attention to our selves. Without this, there’s little chance of movement and we’re more likely to stay stuck in knowing. This continual practice of awareness is the beginning, middle and end of putting Authenticity to work.