In the organisations we work with, everyone works, hard. Everyone is good at their job. Being both is qualification criteria and if people are neither, they don’t tend to stick around for long. Understanding what gives us our edge, makes us stand out has become a 21st Century business imperative. Why should we buy you, listen to you, follow you, are questions we need to be able to answer in our own words. Self-promotion is distasteful to many and essential to the way most organsiations work. If we’re not able to find our way of telling people why we’re good, at best we will be sidelined at worst invisible.

Being your authentic self is the one place in your life where you have no competition. There is no one like you. Starting from this point allows us to be able to move into the bigger bolder questions of how good could I be, what else is there in me that I haven’t found or accessed yet? And then the real work can begin.

Understanding what we’re good at and working on honing our skills and exploiting our talents gives us the best possible base line to build our levels of performance and delivery from.

Being someone else can be hard work, constantly striving to manage weakness, get better at the things we suck at is exhausting and eats up the energy we could be using to get better in the places where we shine.

Asking the questions what makes me feel most alive? what am I doing when I’m in my element? help us build the kind of performance intelligence that enable us to hit targets and deliver what organisations require of us.

Just be yourself, so often used, so deceptively simple on the outside is the life’s work that can set us free to be our brightest boldest, freest selves and chances are that’s the place we’ll be at our most effective and productive, whatever our definitions of those words might be.

In the philosophy of IDology there’s another I word that sits alongside informed intuition. Idealism. A glorious unadulterated belief that we can all move towards our better selves if we choose to. And we’re not naïve idealists. Authenticity contains within it the dark as well as the light and in our work we are as focused on the parts of us that hide in the shadows as we are on the things we want the world to see.

Being yourself is the longest toughest, most mind-breaking walk you’ll ever take. We’ll get lost, fall over, feel invincible get blisters on our feet reach the summit and still we’ll take the next step into the possibility of who we’re becoming.

Go on. We dare you.