Engaging Authentic Leadership

Type the word leadership into Amazon.com and ‘The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership’ is just one of the 106,527 books available to buy …

The opening years of the 21st century left us battered by pervasive corporate scandal, broad distrust and a dangerously bruised workforce. At a time when we’re looking for a more honest approach to everything, from food to music to politics, the ID Leader programme is designed with the mercurial business environment in mind, but is just as determined to address what’s unchanging – the drive to be the most authentic, integral version of yourself you can be.

  • Use your Interiority Complex as a framework for self expression
  • Know how to manage reputation and master perception
  • Engage Persona to speed growth and influence critical relationships
  • Build an Ego-logical inner dialogue
  • Get beyond labels and relative roles to stabilise your absolute self

Balancing who you are with what you do is the high wire act of leadership. The most important thing about your leadership style is not that it’s leadership. Certainly not that it’s a style. But that it’s yours. This programme will help you figure out which I you mean when you say I, and put that at the service of your goals.

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Searching For The Edge
Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Talked About

How is it that some people can change the frequency of a room the minute they walk through the door, and others you can spend a day with and be completely unchanged by their presence?

Making a personal impact, whether as a writer, as a musician, or as an individual, is about imposing yourself memorably in people’s minds, and that means finding a way of exploiting your genetic predisposition, life experience and skill acquisition. With a mindful eye on the first two, this class will give you all you need to help you feel and look at least a foot bigger in every direction.

  • Build Presence and Charisma
  • Identify and exploit your personal USP
  • Develop confidence that’s personal, not contextual
  • Increase political savvy and influencing skills
  • Develop an identity that differentiates you from the competition
  • Learn how to turn curiosity from a state of mind into an applied skill
  • Build personal impact through your authentic personal brand

This is not a cosmetic exercise – you’re already different, and we’ll explore seven hypotheses – Presence, Charisma, Confidence, Brand, Curiosity, Humility and Authenticity – to show you how to more skillfully be seen, heard and talked about.

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Life’s A Pitch
Contemporary Presentation Skills

Life’s A Pitch is an imaginative, contemporary, bold programme designed to deliver outstanding performance, increased confidence, heightened individuality and greater success when presenting or public speaking.

While almost every form of art, media and communication has surged ahead, business conversation has slammed on the brakes. The same old clichés and PowerPoint slides continue to dominate and stultify in equal measure.

There is an alternative. Life’s A Pitch will make sure every presentation, pitch or conversation you’re a part of is in the strongest voice you’ll ever hear: your own. It will help you take your presentation and craft it into a spellbinding integration of who you are, what your audience needs, and a clear, inspired message.

  • Connect You, Them and It in an original, authentic voice
  • Profile and engage your audience by thinking like a listener
  • Avoid death by PowerPoint by learning the QQR of visual impact
  • Sell your proposition with precision and confidence
  • Give your message momentum with dynamic intent
  • Lose your nerves and find your voice

And now introducting Life’s A Pitch – The Movie! Our fun filmic online introduction to presentations skills avaliable from Udemy.com

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Connecting Inspired Teams

Contrary to popular opinion, there is in fact an “I” in team. A whole bunch of them. Organisations aspire to having teams that are effective, productive, successful. But that’s a low fence.

Spirit. Character. Passion. Now that’s something else. It’s that kind of team that people want to join, that people are reluctant to leave, that clients follow around. And as any leader knows, you can jump as hard as you like, but you’ll only reach as high as your people are prepared to lift you.

Attracting talent, retaining clients, developing a team of individuals that’s the envy of your industry, means building a character-driven team. And when character-driven individuals come together, anything is possible.

This is a programme for teams that want to be more sure-footed, more inspired, more visionary.

  • Forget spreadsheets and remember courage, candour and character
  • Identify and agree on the characteristics of your dream team
  • Use the ICOMPLEX to define current and aspirational team dynamics
  • Understand key constituencies to better manage perception and impact
  • Define terms of engagement and a team manifesto
  • Strengthen collective and individual relationships

No New Age bullshit. No cooking a meal for twelve on a quid. No white water rafting with one paddle between you. This is for teams that take low fences in their stride.

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IDcoach & Coaching Clinics
It all starts with One – Individual Coaching

Coaching in business is now as ubiquitous as it is in sports or the arts.

Even the Dalai Lama has a teacher.

There comes a time in your life when you know you’re not going to get any cleverer, you’re not going to get any funnier and you’re certainly not going to get any prettier. We call our executive coaching Ituition, and rather like a Steiner approach to teaching, it’s all about bringing out what’s already great in an individual rather than imposing someone else’s ideas upon them. These sessions are designed to help people find a spark, an insight, a talent they haven’t yet deployed – aiming always to get them closer to the best versions of themselves they can be.

We’ve worked successfully for over two decades with CEOs and C-level executives, with geophysicists and economists, with Olympians and musicians at the highest level. We know what it takes to find the difference that separates the people at the top from the ones that never get there. They take it personally. Spend a day offering your individulas a coaching clinic or book your own unique coach.

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