Authentic: (adjective) of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine.

Authenticity is big business.

Organisations and individuals within them, are spending time and training budgets getting to grips with some meaty questions about identity and how who we are informs how we think, speak, and show up in our lives at work.

Having spent over twenty years working in this space, our question is not why; our business is founded on the exploration of self and how we take ourselves to work, but why now?

From our vantage point of outsiders within, we get to see how trends and patterns play out in Leadership Thinking and Personal Development. As we move into another not so new year, headlines scream that we’ve lost trust and faith in governments and institutions, we feel that no one from politicians to the media will simply tell the truth, its no surprise people are hungry for something that’s real. Human beings rather than human resources. Honest conversation, not spin.

Unlike many consultancies who work alongside us, what we do is not founded on academic research or statistics; we’ve left that to the people who do that best. What we base our philosophy and the application of it on, is our perspective of informed intuition.

Informed; because the work we do is based on years of experience of working with people at all levels, in every kind of organisation from the start up to the multinational corporation and everything in between.

And intuition; conversation that comes from the unseen as well as the seen that’s sensed and felt as much as thought. And questions that don’t always have an answer.

Being authentic is not a box that can be ticked on a competency framework. It’s not something you can learn in a class or in the pages of a book, it’s a practice. And like everything we practice it takes work.

But what does that work bring us in return? Why should we just be ourselves?

Many of the organisations we work with structure their learning offer around what they see as three key areas that will help people develop in the way that will serve them and their business objectives best. Some version of focus on self, on teams and on business and performance shows up. So following their lead…