It all began in the late 90’s with an idea… 

What would happen if you took the worlds of business and the arts and put them together?

Perfect Pitch was born.

Life’s a Pitch, our first ever workshop delivered presentation skills that helped people present in their own voice, not somebody else’s.  Confidence flourished alongside new competence and we realised that what we were really talking to people about, as well as helping them put brilliant presentations together, was how to show up as themselves and that felt bigger than teaching skills and techniques.  So, we changed our name and developed a new philosophy to deliver our work.  Idology was launched in 2004, and we moved to new stages and subjects, Leadership, Corporate Culture, Diversity, Influence, Impact, Resilience, Teamwork.

Caroline Mc Hugh, our Original Founder wrote a book Never Not A Lovely Moon  delivered a TedTalk  that has inspired millions across the Globe and eventually started her next chapter in early 2016.

Our new Partnership began.

Today, ID Partnership works all over the world with individuals and organisations, designing and delivering learning, development and coaching programmes that are as unique as you and your people are. To be continued…